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3 months ago

Magic BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Martial Arts Center

Magic BJJ students - I just wanted to let everyone know that we are currently working on our plan for opening the academy when it is allowed according to state and local government. Our intention is to maintain the essence of Jiu Jitsu which demands intimate interaction with a partner, so we are working on plans on how we can get there safely which includes working with professionals with real science and experience. Here is what is on the horizon.

1) We will be releasing a limited print Magic BJJ Tee-Shirt that will be free to those that wish to resume their tuition on June 1st regardless if we can open. We will also have an option available to those that may be financially impacted and can't afford the normal tuition, but could afford a lesser amount of $25.

2) We are working on a new schedule and times of classes. We are going to limit classes between 8-10 students and will be 45 minutes with a 15-minute intermission within classes. We anticipate that we will have 2-3 classes each day Monday-Thursday, and at least 2 on Saturday. In the interest of fairness, we are asking that students limit classes to twice a week until we understand demand. We intend to setup a sign-up process to secure slots.

3) Our initial classes will be targeted for adults only. Youth classes will resume in the future when we feel we can effectively manage risks.

4) Initial interaction between students will based on the "buddy system". This means that once we get to working in pairs, you will need a buddy. Your buddy is your only means necessary not to choke the air. Your buddy comes the same days you do. It is your responsibility to keep your buddy healthy, mentally and physically. Your buddy is your gateway to getting back on the mats.

5) We will require students to wear protective masks that cover their mouth and nose (no Batman mask Mike Mahaffey) for at minimum a few months after opening until there is more data from other academies. Love or hate me, this is not up for debate.

6) We are looking into making other improvements such as an ozone generator that can run at night, increased cleaning schedules, etc.

Most of you know me well as an instructor, peer, and a friend. I am not a paranoid person. I am a realist. I believe in science. I have gotten this far and run a profitable and successful academy by managing risk. I will continue using these same guidelines I have given myself moving into the future.

Lastly, if you do not believe in my methods that am implementing, that is okay. If you think that I am being too stringent, that is okay. If you feel that I am not being stringent enough, that is okay. One thing that Jiu Jitsu has taught me is that it is okay to have a different of opinions and still be friends. We can agree to disagree. I won't think any less of you and hopefully you wont think less of me. At this point I am just trying to do my part so we can all safely return to our passion on the mats.

- Matthew Linsemier
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I wanted to give everyone a quick update regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. After discussion with both Amy Linsemier and Nicholas Linsemier, we are all in agreement that it's in everyones best interest to pause all memberships as of Saturday, March 21st. Once we are able to resume operations, memberships will be resumed at that time.

I am still hoping to record a few videos so you have someone else to look at other than Mike Mahaffey 😉
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With Michigan schools being closed starting this upcoming Monday for three weeks, I feel the responsible thing to do as part of the same community is to follow suit and close the academy.

Starting immediately, normally scheduled classes and open mats will be canceled for roughly two weeks until Monday, March 30th. We may extend the closure further based on recommendations at that time from the CDC, state, and local government.

We understand that the closure will come at a personal cost and, if requested, will add time to existing memberships or offer students some additional one-on-one targeted instruction in the future as time permits.

I know this will be an unpopular decision, but my intuition is telling me this is the right thing to do. This is the same intuition that I have relied on successfully growing the Magic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu community for the last 10+ years.

We appreciate all of our members and value your input. Feel free to direct any questions or concerns that you may have to

-Matthew Linsemier and Staff

#magicbjj #combatbase #doingourpart
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We are monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak to help keep everyone at Magic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu safe and healthy. As you know, grappling is a close contact sport. We routinely clean our mats and equipment with a professional grade disinfectant (KenClean Plus). The Magic staff will be taking additional measures to keep the gym clean, but we need your help to keep Magic a safe environment.


• If you are sick, in ANY way, please do NOT come to class.

• If you have known exposure to someone with COVID-19 or if you have recently traveled to an area that has community transmission (NYC, Seattle, Italy, etc.), please do NOT come to class.

• If you or anyone you have contact with has a positive test for coronavirus, PLEASE CONTACT THE GYM IMMEDIATELY so that we can take appropriate measures.

• NEW Hand Washing Protocol: When you first enter the academy, please wash your hands with SOAP and water for a full 20 seconds. Please wash your hands thoroughly, with soap, before and after you train, eat, & use the restroom.

• NEW Attendance Kiosk Protocol: Until further notice, avoid using the public kiosk for logging in. We will have an assigned staff member to log attendance. New student prospects will be issued a iPad for entering information and signing waivers that disinfected prior to and after using.

• As always, shoes off while on the mat space, shoes on while in the bathrooms.

More cases of COVID-19 are likely to be identified in the United States in the coming days. Magic Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will work to keep our environment safe and healthy. We will continue to monitor the situation and as cases rise and the spread area gets larger, cancellation of classes and temporary closing of the academy may be warranted.
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