Florida Training with AJ Sousa

Yet again the July 2014 trip to Florida was a blast. AJ Sousa was on point with instruction as always! Everyone at Pablo Popovitch’s academy always makes us feel welcome. Truly a home away from home. Thank you my Jiu Jitsu brothers and sisters!

AJ Florida

One of the dirty dozen visits Michigan

Had a great time with my students at the Chris Haueter seminar. I can't speak enough good things about this guy. He's about as down to earth as they come. Here's hoping I get a few of those 1428 "hard" rolls left that he has in him on my journey to black belt and beyond. Thank you professor for a great day.

Hauter Team Magic

Chris Seminar

April 2014 Promotions - two new blue belts

After 45 minutes of shark tank sparring (1 minute rounds with 30+ people), Magic BJJ - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Martial Arts Center welcomes two new blue belts to its family. John Krzystowczyk who we hope is with us for many years to come and Bryan Weadick who moves back to Boston to carry on his Jiu Jitsu journey there. It is an honor to be your instructor. Oss

IMG_1666 IMG_1660

Pablo Popovitch Seminar

Pablo Seminar

February 21st we hosted a seminar with multiple World and ADCC champion 4 stripe black belt Pablo Popovitch. It was a great day for Jiu Jitsu with many attendees traveling from all around Michigan! Thanks all of my students and other schools and affiliates for the support!

New real-time calendar linked to website

We have linked the new “real-time” calendar from Zen Planner to the website. This will be kept up to date as classes are added, removed, and canceled (snow, holidays, etc.) going forward. Enjoy!