New Mats

Over the weekend with much help from my student population we finishing the installation of the floating floors. Last nights class was a testament to not only how well they work, but for the craftsmanship that was put into it that was noticed by all.

Thanks goes out, in no particular order, to Gerg Ondrugs and Katie, Ron BlakeKyle ZimmerUrsula O’ConnorFrank CucciaRandy BartonTracey BartonPatrick BruskeJon CkaJoe KrasKevin WehrleEli GaugushFranky JaeyJordan W. CobbAmy JentzMike Gorishek and family, Mike MahaffeyPerry Beaupre, Jeff & Katie, Aaron DesentzDouglas WhittenChankyung Pak, and anyone else that I may have forgotten. I’m very fortunate to be surround by some amazing people.

See you on the mats!

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