Daily Archives: July 20, 2015

Training in Florida with AJ Sousa

I feel very fortunate as a BJJ practitioner to have Aj Sousa and the rest of the instructors, students, and peers at AJ Sousa BJJ Center in my life. It is with great honor I can call him and many others in Florida not only my friends, but my family. A big thank you goes out to AJ Sousa, Robert McCausland, Daniel […]

Great Performances at Buckeye State Grappling Championships

I wanted to congratulate everyone on their jiu jitsu performances, both near and far, this past weekend. Barbara Lance and Fredrica Introne both took home Silver. Kevin Wehrle, competing for the first time at jiu jitsu after 4 months of training took home the Bronze. David Pitchford took home Silver competing for the first time […]